T Shirt Printing While You Wait

T Shirt Printing While You Wait

Custom T Shirt Printing While You Wait

T Shirt Printing While You WaitThis week, one of our most regular and indeed much loved customers Les’ Richards popped in the shop on the Monday morning and seemed very excited about his new idea.

We asked “How can we help you Lesley?

He replied: “I would like three different coloured pigeons with the words ‘Black Country Birds’ on them both on a red hoodie and separate white T-Shirt”

In awe of his request we made him a cup of tea and got to work. Whilst drinking his cuppa Les’ explained that TeeT Shirts should make Black Country pigeon merchandise which he believes will be very good for the trade.

Smiling nervously we continued to prepare and print Les’ order.

We were able to design and print both his hoodie and T-Shirt whilst he waited. They took about 15 to 20 minutes from his initial idea to the finished custom printed products. Les was so excited with our work that he gave us permission to video him at his own home talking about and wearing his new custom printed T-Shirt and custom printed hoodie.

We have years of experience in producing custom printed products which have evolved from random custom ideas from all angles of life such as Les’ Black Country Birds merchandise. If you have an idea for a T-Shirt whether it’s as abstract as a cat under a rainbow with the letter ‘y’ on the front or as simple as the word ‘Kipper’ on the back then don’t be shy. Depending on the complexity of the artwork we can even print your custom print wear while you wait.
Get in touch with us and we’ll see what we can do for you.

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